Quantum Computing since Democritus

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Full of insights, arguments and philosophical perspectives, the book covers an amazing array of topics. Beginning in antiquity with Democritus, it progresses through logic and set theory, computability and complexity theory, quantum computing, cryptography, the information content of quantum states and the interpretation of quantum mechanics. There are also extended discussions about time travel, Newcomb's Paradox, the anthropic principle and the views of Roger Penrose.

Aaronson's informal style makes this fascinating book accessible to readers with scientific backgrounds, as well as students and researchers working in physics, computer science, mathematics and philosophy. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Original pages. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader.

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Content Protection. Read Aloud. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. More related to quantum mechanics. See more. Introduction to Topological Quantum Computation. Jiannis K. Combining physics, mathematics and computer science, topological quantum computation is a rapidly expanding research area focused on the exploration of quantum evolutions that are immune to errors.

In this book, the author presents a variety of different topics developed together for the first time, forming an excellent introduction to topological quantum computation. The makings of anyonic systems, their properties and their computational power are presented in a pedagogical way.

Relevant calculations are fully explained, and numerous worked examples and exercises support and aid understanding. Special emphasis is given to the motivation and physical intuition behind every mathematical concept. Demystifying difficult topics by using accessible language, this book has broad appeal and is ideal for graduate students and researchers from various disciplines who want to get into this new and exciting research field.

Teiko Heinosaari. For almost every student of physics, the first course on quantum theory raises a lot of puzzling questions and creates a very uncertain picture of the quantum world. This book presents a clear and detailed exposition of the fundamental concepts of quantum theory: states, effects, observables, channels and instruments. It introduces several up-to-date topics, such as state discrimination, quantum tomography, measurement disturbance and entanglement distillation. A separate chapter is devoted to quantum entanglement.

The theory is illustrated with numerous examples, reflecting recent developments in the field. The treatment emphasises quantum information, though its general approach makes it a useful resource for graduate students and researchers in all subfields of quantum theory.

Focusing on mathematically precise formulations, the book summarises the relevant mathematics. Quantum Information in Gravitational Fields. Marco Lanzagorta. One of the major scientific thrusts in recent years has been to try to harness quantum phenomena to increase dramatically the performance of a wide variety of classical information processing devices. In particular, it is generally accepted that quantum co.

Quantum Computing Without Magic: Devices. Zdzislaw Meglicki. How quantum computing is really done: a primer for future quantum device engineers.

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Quantum Physics For Dummies: Edition 2. Steven Holzner. Quantum Physics For Dummies, Revised Edition helps make quantum physics understandable and accessible. From what quantum physics can do for the world to understanding hydrogen atoms, readers will get complete coverage of the subject, along with numerous examples to help them tackle the tough equations. Compatible with classroom text books and courses, Quantum Physics For Dummies, Revised Edition lets students study at their own paces and helps them prepare for graduate or professional exams.

Quantum Computing since Democritus

Coverage includes: The Schrodinger Equation and its Applications The Foundations of Quantum Physics Vector Notation Spin Scattering Theory, Angular Momentum, and more Your plain-English guide to understanding and working with the micro world Quantum physics — also called quantum mechanics or quantum field theory — can be daunting for even the most dedicated student or enthusiast of science, math, or physics.

Similar ebooks. Quantum Computer Science: An Introduction. David Mermin. In the 's it was realized that quantum physics has some spectacular applications in computer science. This book is a concise introduction to quantum computation, developing the basic elements of this new branch of computational theory without assuming any background in physics.

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